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Facts about the Dam

× LOCATIONBenishangul-Gumuz region, Ethiopia.
×Area: 1,874 sq KM
× RESERVOIR CAPACITY: 74 billion cubic metres

About GERD

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Experts discuss wise water utilization, GERD

ADDIS ABABA – Wollo University and Ethiopian Drainage Development Authority stated that wise use of water resources is of peculiar benefit in transforming the agricultural sector thereby fueling peculiar socio-economic activities across the nation and coming up with inclusive economic growth.
Speaking at a panel discussion organized by Abay-Awash Drainage Research Institution on sustainable utilization of the water resources, Wollo University’s Social Services Deputy President Faris Hailu (PhD) said that wise utilization of water resources is significantly useful in bolstering the agricultural sector in the country.
The discussion mainly focused on the proper utilization of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) centering development, conservation, and utilization of other drainages properly in a bid to generate the expected economic outcome.
Hydro-Politics Lecturer and GERD Negotiator Prof.Yacob Arsano said that: “ Sudan and Ethiopia could act together along with other Eastern African countries because we have so many things that would complement us.”
Both Prof. Yacob and Ambassador Ibrahim Edris, GERD negotiators, affirmed that Ethiopia will sign no agreement that could delay the construction, filling and operation of the dam as the Egyptians and Sudanese claim over the water is delusional and inauthentic.
Negotiators reminded Ethiopians to stand in unison and invest knowledge, skill and show patriotism for the country by completing the historic event.
The people of Sudan have understood that the GERD will benefit them in terms of availing constant water supply throughout the year as it would help decrease siltation and access low cost electric power supply, Yacob added.
He also said that Egyptian politicians want the construction of GERD to delay or slowdown, and Egypt will face isolation as the regional countries come together in search of mutual benefits.
The negotiators and researchers have presented the findings of their researches, it was learnt.
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Benefits of the Grand Renaissance Project

At the completion of the project, the average generation of 15,759 Giga watt hours per year will have a significant contribution to the national electricity system. The contribution of this project will be higher to reach the targets set by the rural electrification villages and to increase the supply from 44% to 90%.

The major components of the project

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissances Dam is being constructed for the purpose of generating electricity with total installed capacity of average annual energy production of about 15,759 GWh/yr.

Discharge rate about 1,547 m3/s.

The reservoir area will cover 1,874 square kilometers at full supply level of 640 meters above sea level maximum amd 590 metres minimum.

It has a 1.8 km length and 145 m height Roller Compacted Concrete dam.

Saddle Dam embankment of length 5.2 km and height 50 m.

The total storage volume is 74 billion cubic meters