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Untill the end 0f April 2013 19.6 % of the the total works of the Grand Ethiopian Reinassance Dam has been completed and the construction is continued twenty four hours day and night to finalise 26 % of the general work till the end of this Ethiopian year . One of the two roller concrit plant is fully installed and started production and the second one is under construction. Geological survey of the main dam area have been done and more than 8 million m2 rocks and soft soil removed with escavation to get the base ground.Most of the escavating works has been already finished and the main Dam concret works started now.Besides the construction of the main dam the sadle dam is building side by side. The temporari divertion of the course of the river is going fast to build part of the main dam on the coarse of the river. Metal materials for the construction are already produced and transporeted to the sight.The diversion of a dam is historical event so that it is as soon as posible to divert the river with imppressive celebration.There are more than 5000 employees and 1200 heavy macheneries and trucks working 24 hours a day with out a rest to complete the dam as the schedule.